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SAXON Brand Spanking New products!

Saxon NV Headgear Kit
• Lightweight and portable
• Designed for hands-free operation
• Fully adjustable flip-up headgear

The Saxon NV Headgear Kit is a great way to use your night vision monocular hands-free..[Read More]

Saxon 1.25" 2x Flip Barlow + Erecting Diagonal Prism
• Increase the magnification of your telescope eyepiece
• No more switching eyepieces and Barlows in and out
• Easy-to-turn on/off dial
• The erecting diagonal prism ensures your imags are right-side up
• Especially great to use for land/terrestrial observing purposes
• Lightweight and durable

Need to increase the magnification of your eyepiece? Want to view correct images on your refractor telescope? With the Saxon 1.25" 2x Flip Barlow + Erecting Diagonal Prism..[Read More]

Saxon 1.25" Eyepiece Revolver
• Three position manual operation eyepiece revolver
• Designed to fit standard 1.25" eyepieces
• Ideal for quick change of additional eyepieces
• Lightweight and durable

The Saxon 1.25" Eyepiece revolver makes quick eyepiece changes effortless. Simply install 3 eyepieces of your choice..[Read More]

Saxon 1.25" Filter Wheel
• Four position manual operation filter wheel
• Threaded for standard 1.25" astronomy filters
• Ideal for quick change of additional filter sets
• Positive click stops for each filter position
• Lightweight and durable

Save time and space with the Saxon 1.25" filter wheel, which lets you dial-in the filter you want..[Read More]

To find out more about our product range, contact us at sales@saxon.com.au or call us on (03) 9687 7750.