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With one of the widest ranges of optical products available, saxon is your natural choice for binoculars and telescopes.

saxon recognises that everyone has different needs and priorities when it comes to using this kind of product. That's why we have built up - and continue to develop - a range of saxon products you can use no matter where you go or what you need your optics for.

Right from the start we've been committed to quality and diversity. saxon began distribution throughout Australian and New Zealand in 1990, since then, our range has grown to include dozens of sizes of binoculars and telescopes, not to mention night-vision scopes, magnifiers and a host of accessories.

At saxon, we make sure that we are producing the kind and quality of optics you are looking for. Our sales teams listen to what our distributors tell us and our manufacturers carry out research to continually improve the standard of saxon products.

In this way we've built up a reputation for high-quality optics, made to the most exacting engineering standards. All parts of our binoculars and telescopes are rigorously tested throughout the manufacturing process. They are designed to give you the peace of mind you expect when you buy serious optical technology.

And we make sure that you can rely on our ongoing support both before and after you've bought any saxon instrument. Whether it's our prompt delivery and freight arrangements or our manufacturers' warranties on saxon products, when it comes to service and backup, we take pride in putting your interests first.

At the same time saxon has carried out a policy of aiming to compete rigorously on pricing without any sacrifice in quality. We believe in making excellence affordable, and current changes in optical technology and lens design have made possible big reductions in manufacturing costs. It's no wonder one of the most common things you hear people say about our products is, "I didn't know there could be such a reasonable price!"

Through continual improvement and a commitment to style and durability, we know that saxon products will not only enhance your lifestyle but also provide satisfaction for years to come.

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Saxon News

Saxon LCD Digital Microscope
The Saxon LCD Digital Microscope offers a new level of accessibility with its 3.5" LCD colour screen and inbuilt camera. The LCD screen provides a clear view of the specimen for both individuals and groups without the need to peer through the traditional eyepiece, making it a perfect device for facilitating demonstrations.

This sturdy microscope's three rotatable objective lenses of 4X, 10X and 40XR makes it easy to magnify specimens. Combine this with the 4x digital zoom to experience views up to 1600x.

The Saxon LCD Digital Microscope is user-friendly, portable and requires minimal assembly.

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