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705 AZ3 Refractor Telescope

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705 AZ3


70mm aperture, 500mm focal length. Short-tube land and astronomical viewing telescope, 70mm multi-coated achromatic objective lens, f/7, AZ3 mount, 1.25" 45 degree erect image prism and 3x Barlow lens extremely good for terrestrial and astronomical viewing. Three 1.25" Super eyepieces give brighter and sharper image, 5x24 finderscope, good quality AZ3 alt-azimuth mount with adjustable aluminium tripod and accessory tray. This telescope gives crystal clear images which are crisp and with very little chromatic aberration. Terrestrial photography applications (with a Digital or 35mm SLR) are possible via an optional T-2 adapter ring. Perfect for use by either the beginner or the more serious astronomical viewer.

*60 months limited warranty covered by SAXON*


  Optical Design :   Achromatic Refractor
  Lens Material :   N/A
  Diameter :   70mm
  Focal Length :   500mm
  Scondary Mirror Diameter :   N/A
  F/ratio :
  Highest Practical Power :   375x
  Faintest Steller Magnitude :   11.9
  Resoving Power :   1.65
  Finderscope :   5x24 Finder
  Focuser diameter :   1.25"
  Diagonal :   45 degree Erecting Prism
  Eyepiece(s) :   1.25" Super 4mm, 12.5mm & 25mm
  Mount Type :   Alt-Azimuth
  Slow-motion Control :   Vertical & Horizonta
  Counterweight(s) :   N/A
  Piggyback Bracket :   Yes
  Accessory Tray :   Wall-to-wall
  Ground Board Diameter :   N/A
  Ground Board Weight(s) :   N/A
  Motor Drive :   N/A
  Go-to :   N/A
  Tube Weight :   1.05Kgs
  Tube Dimension(dia. x length) :  7cm x 48cm
  Tripod Height :   71-123cm
  Shipping Weight :   12Kgs
  Shipping Carton Dimensions :   95 x 37 x 24 cm3

Download PDF Brochure / Manual for 705 AZ3 Refractor Telescope