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1141 EQMS Reflector Telescope

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1141 EQMS


114mm aperture, 1000mm focal length (f/9). The short-tube design of the 1141 EQMS is due to an extra 2x lens in the focuser, providing 1000mm focal length in a 500mm tube. This gives you a compact and very portable reflector, ideal for easy transporting to the bush, away from light-polluted urban skies. It features the same basic design as the 900x114, with similar magnification range, a 5x24 finderscope, Super eyepieces and motor drive.

*60 months limited warranty covered by SAXON*


  Optical Design   Newtonian (Parabolic)
  Lens Material   n/a
 Diameter   114mm
  Focal Length   1000mm
  Scondary Mirror Diameter   n/a
  F/ratio   F/9
  Highest Practical Power   337x
  Faintest Steller Magnitude   12.8
  Resoving Power   1
  Finderscope   5x24 Finder
  Focuser diameter   1.25"
  Diagonal   n/a
  Eyepiece(s)   1.25" Super 10mm and 25mm
  Mount Type   Equatorial
  Slow-motion Control   Vertical & Horizontal
  Counterweight(s)   3.5
  Piggyback Bracket   Yes
  Accessory Tray   Wall-to-wall
  Ground Board Diameter   n/a
  Ground Board Weight(s)   n/a
  Motor Drive   Single Axis
  Go-to   n/a
  Tube Weight   3.90Kgs
  Tube Dimension(dia. x length)   15cm x 83cm
  Tripod Height   71-123cm
  Shipping Weight   15 Kgs
  Shipping Carton Dimensions   80 x 36 x 24 cm3