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3040 B Spotting Scope

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3040 B


A classic design. A very elegant, functional 40mm spotting scope, with turned timber tube and base, and polished brass fittings. Will grace any desk or mantelpiece. Suitable for terrestrial observing. 30x magnification, smooth helical focuser.

*60 months limited warranty covered by SAXON*


  Optical Design :   n/a
  Lens Material :   n/a
  Diameter :   40mm
  Focal Length :     n/a
  Scondary Mirror Diameter :   n/a
  F/ratio :   n/a
  Highest Practical Power :   30x
  Faintest Steller Magnitude :   n/a
  Resoving Power :   n/a
  Finderscope :   n/a
  Focuser diameter :   n/a
  Diagonal :   n/a
  Eyepiece(s) :   n/a
  Mount Type : table top  n/a
  Slow-motion Control :   n/a
  Counterweight(s) :   n/a
  Piggyback Bracket :   n/a
  Accessory Tray :   n/a
  Ground Board Diameter :   n/a
  Ground Board Weight(s) :   n/a
  Motor Drive :   n/a
  Go-to :   n/a
  Tube Weight :   1.2 Kgs
  Tube Dimension(dia. x length) :   4cm x 50cm
  Tripod Height :   40cm
  Shipping Weight :   2kg
  Shipping Carton Dimensions :   40x25x10cm3