90 MAK Maksutov-Cassegrain

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The Maksutov telescopes are supplied tube assemblies only, which can be mounted onto a standard photographic tripod. Comes with Super 10mm & 25mm eyepieces, 90 degree diagonal, red dot finderscope. At least one 1/4"x20 threading is included on the mounting plate for attachment to a standard camera tripod. The optical tube is small enough to be carried anywhere. Whether your requirement is for terrestrial or astronomical use, these compact scopes are the perfect companion. Tube material: Aluminium.

*60 months limited warranty covered by SAXON*


 Optical Design :  Maksutov-Cassegrains
 Lens Material :  n/a
 Diameter :  90mm
 Focal Length :  1250mm
 Scondary Mirror Diameter :  n/a
 F/ratio :  F/14
 Highest Practical Power :  180x
 Faintest Steller Magnitude :  12.5
 Resoving Power :  1.3
 Finderscope :  Red dot finder
 Focuser diameter :  1.25"
 Diagonal :  90 degree
 Eyepiece(s) :  1.25" Super 25mm & 10mm
 Mount Type :  n/a
 Slow-motion Control :  n/a
 Counterweight(s) :  n/a
 Piggyback Bracket :  n/a
 Accessory Tray :  n/an/a
 Ground Board Diameter : n/a
 Ground Board Weight(s) :  n/a
 Motor Drive :  n/a
 Go-to :  n/a
 Tube Weight :  1.37Kgs
 Tube Dimension(dia. x length) :  10cm x 24cm
 Tripod Height :  n/a
 Shipping Weight :  6 Kgs
 Shipping Carton Dimensions :  60 x 28.50 x 28.50 cm3