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ED100 EQ5 Refractor Telescope

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ED100 EQ5


ED Refractor with German EQ5 equatorial mount is ideal for visual applications as well as astrophotography. The new sharp, high resolution SAXON ED refractors contain one element made from ED (Extra-low Dispersion) FPL-53 glass. This glass minimises chromatic aberration, provides higher resolution and superior contrast. Colour fringing around objects is completely eliminated with these optics.


 Optical Design:
 ED Refractor
 Lens Material:
 Diameter:  100mm
 Focal Length:
 Secondary Mirror Diameter:
 F/ratio:  F/9
 Highest Practical Power:
 Faintest Steller Magnitude:
 Resoving Power:
 Finderscope:  6x30
 Focuser Diameter
 Diagonal:  90º Star Diagonal
 Eyepiece(s):  30mm
 Mount Type:
 EQ5 Equatorial
 Slow-motion Control:
 Vertical & Horizontal
 Counterweight(s):  5.1 + 5.1Kgs
 Piggyback Bracket:
 Accessory Tray:
 Ground Board Diameter:
 Ground Board Weight(s):
 Motor Drive:
 Go-to:  Optional
 Tube Weight:
 Tube Dimension(dia. x length):
 10cm x 92cm
 Tripod Height:
 97 - 123cm
 Shipping Weight:
 Shipping Carton Dimensions:
 127 x 25 x 23cm��