SC20100 High Power Binoculars

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The coin style viewing binocular of 20x magnification and 100mm objective lens. It is fully waterproof binocular best suit for user who love cliff, sea and bays views.

1. 0 to 9999 seconds chronograph.
2. Record number of 0 to 9999 coins.
3. The detachment can be modified corresponding to the diaphragm coin opening and closing hours, 0 ~ 3600 seconds.
4. Low voltage warning: when the voltage is lower less than about 7.5V, begin to alarm.
5. The diphragm can be manually turned on or off.
6. Low- power operation, 1800m AH lithium battery is fully charged for coin ≥ 1000 available.


 Magnification: 20x
 Field of View: 3°
 Objective Aperture: 100mm
 Exit Pupil Diameter: 5mm
 Eye Relief: 21.5mm
 Resolution: ≤ 2.4"
 Weight: 42Kgs
 Search Swivel Angle: 300°
 Surveying Angle: 45°
 Elevation: 65°
 Binocular Size: 152 x 60 x 30 cm
 Prism Material: K9
 Optical Coating: Broadband or Normal
 Body Material: ADC12 aluminum alloy
 Coin Function:
 A variety of coins can be set using.