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NV Headgear Kit

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NV Headgear Kit


* Lightweight and portable
* Designed for hands-free operation
* Fully adjustable flip-up headgear

The Saxon NV Headgear Kit is a great way to use your night vision monocular hands-free. This lightweight and adjustable headgear is great for night-based activities such as hunting, or for surveillance purposes.

The NV Headgear Kit can easily be mounted on the head with the monocular resting over your right eye. Found your target and need to see with both eyes? Easy! Simply flip the monocular up and out of the way to see the target unaided, and flip the monocular back down when you need to use it again. The simple detaching mechanism also allows for the night vision monocular to be taken off the Headgear Kit for handheld use.