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Saxon LCD Digital Microscope

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Saxon LCD Digital Microscope
* Digital microscope with 3.5" LCD colour display monitor
* 8 megapixel inbuilt camera to help you capture images and record videos
* Revolving nosepiece with objectives of 4X, 10X and 40XR
* Magnification range of 40 to 400x with digital zoom capabilities of up to 1600x
* Transmissive and reflective illumination
* Jam-packed with a range of microscope accessories including slides, brine shrimp kit and carry case
* Quality optics and build, lightweight and portable
* User-friendly, minimal set up required and low maintenance

The Saxon LCD Digital Microscope offers a new level of accessibility with its 3.5" LCD colour screen and inbuilt camera. The LCD screen provides a clear view of the specimen for both individuals and groups without the need to peer through the traditional eyepiece, making it a perfect device for facilitating demonstrations.

This sturdy microscope's three rotatable objective lenses of 4X, 10X and 40XR makes it easy to magnify specimens. Combine this with the 4x digital zoom to experience views up to 1600x.

This Saxon LCD Digital Microscope is packed full of features:
* Rack and pinion focus system
* X-Y slide motion control stage which allows you to accurately position slides and specimens.
* Six-position colour filter wheel - five colours, one neutral. Colours help enhance contrast in specimens.
* Top and bottom LED illumination and brightness control
* Capture images and videos with a touch of a button at up to 8 megapixels.
* SD card slot - caters for memory expansion of up to 16GB
* Microscope accessories - Five prepared slides, Ten blank slides and cover slips, Microscope utensils
  (scissors, tweezers, pipette, two dissecting needles), Brine shrimp kit, USB cable, Dust cover, Carry case.

The Saxon LCD Digital Microscope is user-friendly, portable and requires minimal assembly. It is best suited for viewingbiological specimens, but can also be used to observe thin objects such as stamps and coins on the lowest magnification setting (additional lighting required for this usage).

The Saxon LCD Digital Microscope is perfect for both casual and serious use in the classroom, home or workplace.